20.S940: IAP BioMaker Design Workshop


Join other self-motivated students with a love for biology and maker-culture for our 4-week IAP Bio Design Workshop. Come prepared with a problem to solve, or work on a problem sourced from local biotech companies such as MPM Capital and Ginkgo Bioworks. You'll work with faculty and industry mentors to develop a solution and action plan outlining the proof of concept experiments. These proposals can lay the groundwork for future projects pursued via the BioMakerspace, Sandbox, UROPs, or course credit.

We invite students of all backgrounds/majors, and hope to establish collaborations between those with strong biology knowledge and others with computational/mechanical skill sets.

The course will take place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings over the 4 weeks of IAP, during which we'll have a series of lectures and coaching as you develop your projects. The course is designed for 3-0-1 units.

Please email "akulesa at mit" with any comments or questions.

We have very limited availability, apply for your spot now!

When: 9am-12pm Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 1/7-2/1, 2019
Where: 4-370
Course number & units: 20.S940, 3-0-1 units

Applications: Apply below (<5 min)! We only have room for 20 students with acceptances awarded on a rolling basis; applications will no longer be accepted after 1/1/2019.